Proposal Development Specialist, Gen Bus Supp

Company Name:
United Technologies Corporation
Lead multifunctional teams in both Military Engine (ME) proposal development activities and Financial Warranty Estimates-At-Completion activities to support the on-time submittal of high quality products (proposals and Warranty EAC analyses and reports) that are fully responsive to internal customer requirements and objectives. This high profile position requires a self-starter with the ability to work in a fast-paced environment with minimal supervision. Continuously improve both proposal development and warranty EAC approaches and tools designed to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of both the ME Proposal Preparation Process, and the ME Warranty EAC Analyses and Reporting process.
Primary Responsibilities:
1. Perform requirements analysis of customer solicitations and create proposal outlines, schedules, requirements matrices, and assist the proposal manager with the proposal management plan development.
2. Provide guidance and advice throughout the proposal development process as needed to help the proposal manager effectively lead and manage proposal activity.
3. Assist the proposal manager, as needed, in coordinating the requirements of all value stream functional areas such as Contracts, Pricing, Finance, Legal, Engineering and Customer Support in the development of proposal documents.
4. Maintain the proposal schedule and monitor the proposal status.
5. Support the proposal manager in leading/participating in independent proposal reviews.
6. Support/facilitate reviews as required.
7. Manage the ME Warranty EAC Analyses Process for engine warranty programs (such as F100, F117, Tanker and F135) by performing the financial analyses, and compiling the quarterly and annual reports to evaluate, determine and substantiate the warranty reserve in support of both ME Finance and ME Sr Management.
Business Unit: Pratt & Whitney

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