Analyst, Group Strategy & Development

Company Name:
United Technologies Corporation
The Analyst, Group Strategy & Development, will be involved in various aspects of Pratt & Whitney's Group Strategy efforts. These efforts are broadly divided into a) strategic transaction activity including mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, equity investments and alliances, and divestitures; and b) group strategic analysis ensuring that the company is well positioned to establish and sustain competitive advantage in its markets and deliver value added services to its customers and required financial returns to the shareholders.
Specific activities would include:
M&A - company profiles, target candidate identification and evaluation, preliminary and detailed financial modeling, valuation analysis (discounted cash flows, comparable companies analysis, etc), financial statement analysis, coordination of due diligence activities, preparation of briefing materials for internal and external leadership audiences, preparation of capital acquisition approval documents.
Strategy - competitive analysis, market assessments, industry analysis and portfolio evaluations
Business Unit: Pratt & Whitney

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