Senior Failure Analysis Engineer

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Title: Senior Failure Analysis Engineer
Date Created: 05-15-14 (07:27 PM)
Location: East Hartford, CT
Openings: 1
The Failure Analysis engineer will investigate distressed engine components to document and identify the distress mode, and recommend corrective action. The investigation process involves a thorough assessment of the components condition, including conformance to material, manufacturing, design and assembly specifications. This position provides the opportunity to work with a wide range of commercial, military and developmental engine components.
This position requires an engineer with experience in laboratory assessment techniques including optical microscopy, fractography, SEM/EDS analysis, hardness testing, image analysis and metallographic techniques. Prior experience in the investigation or characterization of aerospace alloy systems, i.e. titanium alloys and nickel-based superalloys, is preferred.
In addition, outstanding communication skills will be needed to successfully provide the required oral communications, presentations and written reports to our internal and external customers. Basic PC skills are necessary, i.e. MS Word, PowerPoint and Excel. In addition, the ability to work in a fast paced and dynamic work environment is required.
Candidate Must Have:
A minimum of 4 years of engineering experience in a metallurgical laboratory environment is required.
Direct experience working with root cause investigation tools (i.e. Fault trees, fishbone, DoX, etc.) is required
Experience with engineering design practice, NDT methods, material and manufacturing processing techniques is preferred.

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